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CCW Class Schedules 2019

All Classes are held at Roger's Pawn & Gun - 904 S Washington St - Chillicothe MO 64601

Please sign up TODAY call with your payment


You are still responsible to know the law and to meet all the requirements under the law!

​1.  Course Introduction to CCW and process for obtaining

​2.  Handgun Safety in classroom, at home and on the range

3.  Loading and Unloading of pistols and revolvers

​4.  The basics of marksmanship, sight alignment and sight picture

​5.  Safe storage of firearms

​6.  Proper cleaning and lubrication of firearms

​7.  Requirements for obtaining the CCW - Missouri RSMO 571

​8.  Laws and rules relating to firearms - Missouri RSMO 571, RSMO 578

​9.  Justifiable use of force - MIssouri RSMO 563

10.  Range live fire exercise - 20 rounds

11.  Range life fire test - 20 rounds 

12.  Conclusion, review and Q&A.